Friday, February 03, 2006

Big Bowl Countdown

How much does it cost to gain the attention of 90 million Americans and one billion people around the globe?

This of course, is the time-honored question advertisers ask themselves each year when evaluating the purchase of commercial time during America's most watched sporting event.

By the way, here's another question: What company was going to sponsor a pay-per-view football game played by models wearing lingerie? Aw, come know you wanna know.

So find out the answer to these super bowl "big spender" questions and more here on this, the Friday before SUPER BOWL XL.

And for the female sports junkies among us, ladies, don't forget you can brush up on exactly how it's done on Sunday before it all begins with Holly Robinson Peete's must-have primer:

Gotta love that title, girl!

Anyway, here the former star of 21 Jump Street and several other popular TV sitcoms has an insider's view of the game from start to finish. And, who better to know -- given she's married to NFL quarterback Rodney Peete. As a side note, gotta also love the fact that hub still hasn't figured out that I bought this one last year...on his credit card.

Well, I guess he knows now, doesn't he?

In any event, GO STEELERS! and make it a great Super Bowl weekend, all. Peace.

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