Wednesday, February 22, 2006

American Idol - Top 24

Yes, it's that time again, and as it was with Seasons 1-4, I don't mind telling you that once again...I'm hooked.

However, this year I think I'm being slightly more democratic with having 2 personal favorites to win. If you'll recall, last year, for me it was pretty much contestant Bo Bice from beginning to end -- and none other. But, year this I'm proud to say that I've chosen one girl and one boy who both managed to completely blow me away during the auditions and the dreaded "Hollywood Week" prelims. And no, I'm not revealing the names yet until both of them reach the top 12 finalists -- which I'm sure they *both* have a fairly good shot at doing. They're on this group photo though (well, of course they are) of this year's American Idol Top 24

Overall, the girls semi-finalists sounded great last night, with the exception of one (or maybe two) disappointments. By the way...have you ever wondered if Randy, Paula, Simon -- and yeah, sometimes even Ryan Seacrest (all pictured above) -- are hearing the *same* exact performance as we are at home?? In any case, I'll be tuned in for the 12 boys tonight, and see how they measure up.

Again, I don't know how in the world I ever got this hooked on a TV competition show like this... but here I am, five big seasons later.

Check out American Idol tonight, and then again tomorrow night to see overall how America voted.

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