Monday, January 16, 2006

Literary Reality Bites...Continued

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In the wake of last week's never-ending fallout over author James Frey, his Larry King interview with his mom in tow, his voice quality during the sound bytes, his "essential" truths, etc., no doubt the October 2005 revelation surrounding the real identity of novelist J.T. LeRoy is still just as fresh these days.

If you've been following along since that story broke last year, you'll remember it was discovered that LeRoy, assumed to be the AIDS afflicted young man, who, at a very young age had been fed into a life of truck-stop prostitution (among other things), and whose life three published novels since 2001 are said to have been based upon, was really the very creative invention of writer Laura Albert, better known as a member of the San Francisco rock band, Thistle. Read more about that here

However, to this I'll also add that I personally have only read one of these novels, the one titled Sarah (pictured above), which I believe was the very first to be published. And, needless to say, regardless of whomever it was who actually penned this story, which by the way, was always presented to the reading public as *fiction* and nothing else, is one HELL of a storyteller. No two ways about it.

So if you're simply interested in a darn good tale of fiction that literally yanks you in by the seat of your pants from Word One, I'd say check this one out whenever possible. For me, it definitely qualifies as a fascinating, if not totally "believable" book of suffering, loss, and that literary term we've been hearing a lot of in the past week...redemption.

Good Monday, all. And given that it's once again that noteworthy time of year...

Happy Birthday, Dr. M.L. King.

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