Friday, January 13, 2006

Ham On The Street

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George Duran: Have Whisk Will Travel

And these days he's hosting a Food Network series by the same name called, Ham On The Street, a brand new line-up of food-related stunts that include everything from bowling with frozen turkeys in a supermarket, to grilling meatballs -- with only a newspaper for fuel. Duran also dishes out pop quizzes to people on their food knowledge and whips up some basically easy meals that just about anyone can prepare. In Wednesday night's premiere titled, "Breakfast in America," for example, he puts his own comedic spin on the traditional and not-so-traditional subject of morning fare. In addition, he also battles the tougher questions such as:

Is it really possible to cook an ostrich egg sunny side up?

How many people eat pizza for breakfast?

And of course, the one that generally rests on everyone's mind at one time (or another):

Which chicken lays the brown eggs—the rooster or the hen?

A formally trained chef in French cuisine, born in Venezuela and now living in Brooklyn, N.Y., Duran started out in radio a few years back while working as an on-air personality for comedy segments at WPLJ-FM in New York. It was there that he involved himself with the everyday antics of people on the street, asking them questions, doing stunts and cracking jokes. He moved on to WABC-New York radio in 1999 where he produced and performed more comedy sketches. He later moved into the TV world, working in production on the popular 2002 MTV show, House of Style.

In short, I found this week's debut episode to be quite entertaining, and although Duran's humor at times seemed a tad short of "fall down" funny (as I guess I somehow was expecting even though I can't really say...why??), there were a few good chuckles here and there. And, I also have to admit that spinach-and-eggy sort of breakfast pie he made at the end of the episode and put in a pizza delivery box under the name of "Funky Pizza," did look kinda... good. So check him out next week, same time, same Food Network channel if you can.

And that'll be it for me here this week, as another weekend draws near. As always, make it a good one…at least, as best you know how. Peace.


Phoodie said...

Love the show. Wait until you see last night’s episode. All I have to say is “beer-can-chicken” with a guy named Bubba. It’s great to see a show that can make me laugh while I learn a thing or two about food. Thanks George Duran and Ham On The Street.

abbydays said...

Ham on It! I may prefer bacon but I love the new show "Ham on the Street" on Food Network, it is about time that Food Network put on something that makes me laugh. Bravo Jorge.