Friday, January 20, 2006

Getting Wired

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Several major wireless carriers submitted bids Wednesday to wire New York subway stations for cellular use, including one proposal that involves four of the nation's biggest carriers forming an alliance. The bids mark a significant step in a long-running effort to make cell phone service available to the millions of New Yorkers who lose mobile phone communications when using the subways.

And yes...before you say anything, I already know that there is, in fact, a definite upside to all this, in that commuters will now be able to do things such as make and receive calls in cases of emergency, etc., etc. However, as many are already speculating -- as well as perhaps dreading -- hopefully this new venture won’t give any further rise to unwillingly being filled in on:

a) Jason's latest "booty call" on that Tiffany skank (who everybody hates anyway)


b) what Lisa thinks Nicole should wear to the club on Saturday night.

For that, I'm almost sure many of us would be just as content with our morning rides in the fully "wired" cell phone world of overland commuter trains...and buses.

Cell phones. The new cigarettes? Dunno... the jury's still out on that one for many (if not all) of us, I think.

In any event, I'm sure we'll all be interested in seeing how this new plan and proposal develops in the months ahead.

Before I wrap things up here for this week, I'd just like to remind you of a few of our upcoming events. So far, this is the current run down for what's on tap for The International Women's Writing Guild 2006

As always, we'd love to have you stop in wherever you might be across the US (as well as our European events in Geneva, Switzerland), and join us.

Make it a great weekend, all. Peace.

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Ann said...

Hilarious comments on the cells! Some of the conversations I overhear just kill me - I never realized so many people are living, breathing soap-operas.