Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Capturing The Globe

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Philip Seymour Hoffman, best actor in a movie drama

In a recent interview with BBC News he reveals that he lost a reported 40 lbs to play the legendary author Truman Capote, and spent months perfecting his mannerisms and distinctive way of speaking. But how cool is that -- when you can drop that kind of poundage and reap the ultimate benefit by walking off with a coveted prize such as a Golden Globe statuette?

Hoffman managed to do just that at the 63rd Golden Globe Awards on Monday night when he walked away with the award for his eerily convincing portrayal of Capote (he looked so much like him...it was downright freaky at times) in the movie by the same name that I first mentioned here after seeing it back in November 2005.

In other Globe news, it was also a "big winner" night for the movie, Brokeback Mountain, which managed to bag four trophies out of its original seven nominations Monday night.

Congratulations, all.

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