Monday, December 12, 2005

The Legend Also Wrote

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1940 - 2005

Few people know, that in addition to being one of the greatest comic geniuses of modern times and the forerunner for scores of comedians who came after him, he was also a talented and prolific writer. From his noted credits for such hit movies as Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles to his work on TV shows such as The Flip Wilson Show and Sanford & Son, he wrote just about as well as he stood in front of a microphone and entertained us for over 3 decades -- starting with his very first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show back in the 60s.

He made us laugh, cry, and sometimes even mad as hell at some of the outrageously destructive things he did, often to his own detriment. But more than anything else, through his comedic observations and constant pushing of the "censorship" envelope, he made many of us…think.

And for that, we'll truly miss him.

Rest in peace, Richard.

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