Saturday, December 31, 2005

Just In Time For The New Year: Shutdown Across The Pond

Subway workers in the London Underground walked out today in a 24-hour strike timed to cripple the subway system on a night when tens of thousands of revelers were planning to celebrate the New Year in the city.

Guards and ticket office workers began leaving their posts from noon and the service was expected to slowly run down into the evening as others finished shifts and were not replaced.

And as a carpooling/walker/bike riding New Yorker who just went through this -- in sub-freezing 20 degree F temperatures for 3 days recently, the only advice I have for the London tube riding public is to dress accordingly, and hope management and the transit workers reach an agreement soon.

As we've already seen, leverage, i.e., pulling these strikes at the most inopportune times, just before Christmas, New Years Eve, etc., does indeed carry a strong message on many levels, with the riding public (somehow) being left to carry the brunt of the most readily seen hardships involved.

But hey, as long as everybody's happy once it's over (um...we're still talking about management and the workers here, right?), well...

In any event, Happy New Year, one and all. Health, peace, and happiness in 2006, and always.

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