Friday, December 09, 2005

Jamie's On The Phone

The UK mobile (cell phone) service known as Vodafone has partnered with mobile content firm Inventa to offer film clips of Britain's premiere chef and cookbook author, Jamie Oliver, making over 100 of his top recipes as downloads exclusively through its 3G Vodafone live! service.

The service allows users to search for a recipe according to event or by ingredient. Picture messages providing a list of the ingredients can also be downloaded to the phone.

Inventa has used the original film footage from Oliver’s Twist, a show Jamie filmed for the US which has never been seen before in the UK. Read more about it here and be sure to catch Jamie on Oliver's Twist on the Food Network Channel. Also, don't forget that here in the US, Jamie's segments along with several other Food Network programs can be seen regularly at the checkout counter of many of your local supermarkets. A perfect example of this would be just last night as I stood on the checkout line at my local Pathmark Supermarket here in New York, and watched a few minutes of these programs on a small video screen through a new customer service called Pathmark TV. Either way, you've gotta admit that it all makes the age-old question of "What's for dinner" these days -- a bit easier. Doesn't it?

Have a great weekend, all. Peace.

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