Monday, November 14, 2005

Turning Point

Kathleen Turner

A famous New Yorker for many years, as well as one of my favorite screen actresses, Kathleen Turner has now made it official that she's saying goodbye to the US, and moving to Italy to escape what she terms as Hollywood's "obsession" with youth.

In an exclusive interview published in the Sunday New York Daily News, Turner said Europe looks at an actor's entire career rather than "simply how you look today." She said she still plans to work on the New York stage occasionally, but her Hollywood career is all but over.

The star of the 1981 hit film, Body Heat (among many others), recalled how she pretended to be an alcoholic to try and hide her horrific bout with rheumatoid arthritis from the U.S. film industry.

"I was afraid I wouldn't get work," she said. "My hands were very crippled for a while, so I kept dropping glasses and things because I couldn't grip them. Some of the medications make you blow up and puffy, so the rumor was that I had a drinking problem. The point is, it was safer for me to let people think I was drinking than to tell them that I had this. They always hire drunks, all the time. But they wouldn't hire someone with a disease...they didn't understand."

And to my own knowledge, Turner's words are sad -- but nonetheless true. Especially when I remember hearing almost these very same words from former child star, Annette Funicello, during an interview some years ago when it was revealed that she was suffering from multiple sclerosis.

In any case, I'm wishing you the very best of health, happiness, and all the other *positive* aspects you wish for yourself in your new home in Italy, Kathleen. May you continue to prosper, thrive, and most of all...may you always continue to simply be Kathleen Turner.

Good Monday, all. Peace.

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