Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thanksgiving Dinner Out

Okay, who's up for doing things a little different this year? Come on now, you know what I mean. The welcomed change of pace from having to force down Aunt Lola's chestnut and rhubarb dressing with a smile. Or, better yet, having to sit next to Cousin Barbara at the family table, whereas the two of you haven't spoken to each other since Christmas of 1987 -- and -- the two of you would really prefer to keep it that way. Well, if you live in or around the New York City metropolitan area, perhaps I can help.

You can definitely do it a bit differently this year by making a reservation at one of several restaurants throughout the city that are serving dinner in distinctive styles— traditional, vegan, modern Italian, and more. Here's where to book your table...out

Turkey-to-go, perhaps?

Certainly, for those who would prefer the same delectable feast, however, in the privacy of their own home, no other meal is as rewarding to eat—and time-consuming to make—as the annual turkey dinner. So here again, city caterers will prepare you a grand feast, and even deliver it to your door. Here's where to book your holiday

No doubt, in a day and age where things are far more available and/or accessible than they used to be, the traditional "holiday feast" can indeed be a pleasurable one for ALL. No muss, no fuss, no arguments or glaring looks from across the table, no bicarb taking at the end of the meal, etc., etc., and so on.

So here's to good eats for all for the holidays. Here's also to having a choice in the matter.

Make it a good Wednesday. Peace.

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