Friday, November 11, 2005

Purple On Broadway

Alice Walker's diverse and unforgettable characters come vividly to life on stage, blending dance with blues, gospel, jazz, swing, rural roots and African music at the Broadway Theater here in New York these days in an Oprah Winfrey backed stage adaptation of The Color Purple

And as I've heard, the show's most gargantuan task to date belongs to costume designer, Paul Tazewell, who has created nearly 250 outfits for the cast. "There is such great joy in doing a piece like this, where there is such variety in body types and so many different time periods," Tazewell said recently. "The show covers 1909-1945. And because of how the production is designed, the costumes have to give some of the information that supertitles might give in a film, such as when the day changes, or when we're in a new time period."

All of which, as a lover of both Alice Walker's best-selling novel and the movie version of the same name, has me literally on pins and needles to see it this weekend, after my hub was able to snag two rather nice orchestra seat tickets. (Thank you much, babe!)

In preview performances from November 1 until its official opening on December 1, this is certainly one stage performance NOT to miss.

Enjoy the weekend, all. Wherever you might be, and whatever you might be doing. Peace.

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