Monday, November 28, 2005

New Release


Although I've disagreed with many of his lyrics, I can also use this opportunity to point out that I have been known in the past to disagree with many of the greatest poetry masters of our time as well -- so therefore, like er...whatever. But all that aside, I'd just like to say I'm truly happy to hear that this multi-talented artist, who in my opinion clearly managed to dispel the myth that only *one* race or ethnicity can perfect a given art form, has sought help for his prescription drug dependency, and is now ready to reach out to others through his latest video titled When I'm Gone

And needless to say, my very best wishes go out to Mr. Marshall Mathers (his real name), his words, i.e., his rhymes, and his music. You have done something that many in the entertainment profession have not yet had either the heart or the guts to admit -- or to do. Therefore, much continued good health and success to you, sir.

Make it a good Monday, all. Peace.

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