Friday, November 04, 2005

Just Write

And needless to say, that's what I'll be doing lots of this weekend -- as my next novel length offering organizes itself (we hope!) into "outline" form, characters are finally given names, and hopefully, it all manages to come together eventually in story form.

In any event...we'll see, won't we? Or, to put it a bit more realistically, we'll at least try. : )

I'll be kept company once again with the likes of one of my favorite CDs, Michael McDonald's Motown. This is one that I'm never too far away from, whether at home or in the car, and for me, is one of McDonald's best works to date. So if you're a lover of that great era of musical yesteryear, by all means pick this one up (the DVD audio)and give it a listen.

Let's make it a great weekend, all. Peace.

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Splitting Cellos said...

Just write is right... I teach it and love doing it. Great Blog Site!