Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Where It All Started

Rosa Parks

As recently stated, it was indeed this wonderful warrior who started it all. From Tiamamin Square, to Soweto, to Cesar Chavez and the migratory farm workers, to the fight for equality for women, clearly, it was Rosa Parks' decision to take a STAND against injustice on a segregated bus in 1955, that was the truest prototype for change in modern times. In addition, it can also be said that it was this great champion who formulated my decision in later years to work in several different capacities for the NAACP, an organization she was already a faithful and full-fledged member of on that history-changing day of her bus ride home from work in Montgomery, Alabama.

And, as a side note, after meeting and chatting with her on several occasions at functions over the years, I'm sure that few people know Ms. Parks was also an *excellent* storyteller with a sense of humor that was... unparalleled! So certainly, this above all, endeared her to me forever, and will be my most cherished memory of all.

No doubt,in a world that can sometimes be filled with insignificance, both in people as well as events, she was truly one who mattered so much, to so many.

Rest in peace, dear one. You have opened more doors for change in our society...than can ever be counted.



Colin said...

Well said!!

Wynn Bexton said...

The world loses another true champion!