Monday, October 03, 2005

No Reservations

Executive Chef Anthony Bourdain

Often dubbed the Hunter S. Thompson of the culinary world and "the bad boy" of cuisine for his rock star look and blunt observations about the world of restaurants, chefs and cooking, Anthony Bourdain, who is the autobiographical subject of the new Fox series titled Kitchen Confidential mentioned here last week, is certainly not your typical celebrity chef.

The executive chef at New York’s famed bistro, Les Halles, and former host of A Cook’s Tour on the Food Network, Bourdain is the author of three crime novels and the bestseller, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.

And now on Monday nights on the The Travel Channel, the renowned literary chef is back with a new series titled: No Reservations, which urges us for the most part to be "adventuresome" travelers. In the debut episode, he set out to prove why France doesn't suck by getting buzzed on absinthe and eating red meat for breakfast. Cool!

However, Bourdain's disillusionments about the way many of us eat is quite simple -- and he's not afraid to share it with the world. He hates processed and pre-packaged foods. He loathes TV chefs who reduce classic cuisine to a series of easy to follow steps and perky soundbites. He argues for the purity of ingredients and the classicism of cultural culinary expression. But mostly he is mad at us, for allowing our taste buds to be tainted by fast food and microwaved mediocrity.

In a recent No Reservations trip to Viet Nam, Bourdain showed us the pleasure of eating at the smallest of roadside shacks and made a trip deep into the mountains to a village of one of Vietnam's 50 mountain-dwelling ethnic minorities. And along with his tough guy persona, he occasionally manages to be funny, entertaining, and insightful.

Clearly, this is an "extreme-eating" show that's a must-see, so do check out No Reservations tonight if you can on The Travel Channel. Check local listings in your area for exact times.

And beyond that, let's make it a good autumn Monday overall, gang. Peace.

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Ann said...

This is hilarious - the bad boy of cuisine! Love it!
(he does look like he could attack somebody with a veggie shredder or something)