Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Serious Gas Pains

Like many others across the country today I pulled into a local gas station, filled my tank, took a deep breath to get over the shocking bottom number on my credit card receipt, shook my head, then proceeded home. But then again, I was also thankful for: a) having a car that's not totally submerged underwater, and b) the ability to be mobile -- when so many thousands of people right now are not. No doubt, if there was ever a time to take anything I happen to have in this life for granted, right now is certainly not that time.

In any event, think we got it bad here in the U.S. as far as pricey petrol goes? Take a look at these Global Gas Prices

All I know, is that right now I'm strongly considering a move to Venezuela.

Good Tuesday, all. Peace.


Colin said...


Petrol (gas) prices are so dear here in Scotland, that petrol stations in the rural areas and highlands are either having to pay for new pump registers or closing altogether because they can only display two digits and not three. With the price rises being as they are, two-digit prices looks to be a thing of the past!


Lara said...

I just filled up and it was $3.29 for REGULAR. And to think, a few months ago I was crying over $2.29!


Ann said...

Unbelievable! It cost $25 to put a quarter of a tank of gas into my mom's car the other day. And I used to completely fill my own car for $19!