Friday, September 23, 2005

A Mass Mess

Yesterday's mass evacuation from Houston

As they joined a vast, traffic-snarled exodus from Houston
and the upper Texas Gulf Coast, hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Hurricane Rita were stuck in their cars throughout much of Thursday, with many running out of gas and sweltering on roadsides in 100-degree heat as they waited for authorities to bring them gasoline. As was also reported, many with a drop of gas in their tanks left to spare, became so fed up with the situation they politely turned themselves around -- and headed back to the homes they had evacuated.

Houston Mayor Bill White said he had been imploring federal and state officials since early Thursday to reverse traffic flow on the inbound lanes, but that it had only begun to occur by mid-afternoon -- along with the fuel trucks for out of gas motorists trying their best to get the h*ll out of Dodge as the old saying goes, and as they were instructed.

"I would say there will be some learning experiences,"
the mayor is quoted as saying.

Hmmm...sounds like a plan, Mr. Mayor.

Have a safe weekend, all. Wherever you might be. Peace

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