Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Food Writing 101...And More

I've just finished reading this one and needless to say, as a former food article writer I think it's a true winner.

Dianne Jacob, herself a journalist, food-writing instructor and coach offers interviews with award-winning writers such as Jeffrey Steingarten, Calvin Trillin, Molly O‛Neill, and Deborah Madison, plus well-known book and magazine editors and literary agents. Here, she gives readers the tools to get started and the confidence to follow through. Comprehensive yet accessible chapters range from restaurant reviewing to cookbooks to memoirs. Focused exercises at the end of chapters stimulate creativity, help organize thought, and build practical skills. Will Write for Food is the first and ultimate ins and outs guidebook to the world of food writing -- as well as an all-round good read.

Certainly, these days, anything that's motivational in a writerly sense -- will most definitely get my vote. :) And if you've never done it before, but have flirted with the idea of food writing, I highly recommend giving this book a look-through to get you started.

Good Tuesday, all. Peace.

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