Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rotten Apples

Think $50 for a used Apple ibook laptop sounds like a bargain? Well, not according to some folks in Richmond, Virginia who literally camped out for this alleged hot deal being offered by the Henrico County school system. Many showed up with folding chairs for the camp out, which subsequently turned into a screaming melee where they were stomped, kicked, punched, and assaulted with the folding chairs of other bargain hunters waiting in line, some having to be taken to local hospital emergency.

My God, these laptops were FOUR years old, and seemingly, hardly worth the "bodily injuries" that have now been sustained. After all...what else would you be getting at a near giveaway price of $50??

"I took my chair here and I threw it over my shoulder and I went, 'Bam,'" a 20-year-old said nonchalantly. "They were getting in front of me and I was there a lot earlier than them, so I thought that it was just."

My take? Sometimes, paying full price -- just makes far more sense.


Good Wednesday, all. Peace.

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Ann said...

This is one of the wildest stories I have seen.