Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The New Rule Book

It's on bookstore shelves now by Bill Maher, one of the hottest intellectually correct comedians and thinkers in our world today, despite the "politically incorrectness" (and previous talk show of the same name) that will probably follow him around for a while (and hopefully -- on his frequent trips these days to the bank). His latest book titled, New Rules: Polite Musings of a Timid Observer being one that I definitely could not put down the entire time I was reading it. No doubt, this one is classic Maher, and at the very top of his game.

In his hit HBO series, Real Time with Bill Maher -- New Rules is the part of the show during which Maher takes serious aim, bringing all of his incisiveness, wit, and signature exasperation into focus on topics ranging from cell phones : "I don't need my cell phone to take pictures or access the Internet. I just need it to make a phone call. From everywhere! Not just the places it likes!" to fast food: "No McDonald's in hospitals. I'm not kidding!" to the conservative agenda: "Stop claiming it's an agenda. It's not an agenda. It's a random collection of laws that your corporate donors paid you to pass."

New Rules: Polite Musings is his latest book since his last NYTimes bestseller, When You Ride ALONE You Ride With Bin Laden, and Maher's astute (and sometimes semi-caustic) humor is ever-present and just as on-target and well-timed as always. And before I go, here's yet another sampling:

New Rule: Someone must stop the Cirque du Soleil. If we hate the French so much, how come we gave them Las Vegas? There are now six Cirque du Soleil-related shows on The Strip. Six! Who wants to spend two hours watching a bunch of French chicks fold themselves in half? You know what? Scratch that. New Rule: We need more Cirque du Soleil!

Spoken as only Bill Maher can say it, America. So do have a look at his new literary offering (and social takes on the changing world around us) if you can. Go Here

More sad news on the journalistic front involving Steven Vincent, the author and reporter assassinated in Iraq last week. Vincent was killed in the line of duty while researching a book about Basra for independent Texas publishing company, Spence Publishing, who had signed with him this spring. The idea was for a book that would examine the history and contemporary chaos in Basra, the Iraqi port town that's become an insurgency flashpoint. It was scheduled for sometime next year, with the manuscript due in their hands by December.

To all who knew him, Steven Vincent was an impassioned and idealistic freelancer who often wrote for conservative publications. He was also well known for his many postings on National Review Online. Spence published Vincent's first book, The Red Zone
a collection of reports from war-torn Iraq (some of which also appeared on the author's blog) last fall, 2004. Spence's editor-in-chief, Mitchell Muncy, said in an interview last week that Vincent was still in the research stages when he was killed and most likely would not have committed enough work to paper. Therefore, the only hope is that the author may have had some notes -- and that they were well stashed away. In any event, I certainly hope so, and my thoughts are with his family at the time of this very tragic loss.

Let's make it a good Tuesday, all, and remember to celebrate life. Peace.

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Ann said...

I got this book, (The New Rules by Maher) and absolutely could not put it down. It was hilarious!!! I would recommend it to anyone. Even the stuff I didn't agree with I thoroughly enjoyed reading.