Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Listening Skills

Okay, just when we thought we'd heard it all when it came to the whole, "Men are from Mars, women are from..."

Anyway, as to the age-old question we ladies sometimes ask when we sit across the dinner table at night from our beloveds, chattering away about how our day was, who got on our last nerves at work, perhaps we need new carpeting, did he think that outfit we wore to that wedding last week made us look fat, blabba, blabba, blabba (which I'm told the latter is actually how it sounds to our "hims" at times), and wondering whether or not he's actually listening -- the answer is yes. Well, er...let's just say, "partially" according to this recently reprinted article from WebMD: Why Men Don't Listen...Or, With Half A Brain... Sorta

And yes, I mentioned this article to my "him" this morning -- who told me up front that he really wasn't interested and therefore: "didn't want to hear it."

Hey, at least he was honest about it -- in a full-brained sort of way. :)

Make it a good Tuesday, all. Peace.

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