Friday, August 19, 2005

Gas Relief

After pulling up at a local gas pump this morning and filling my tank at $2.79 for regular gasoline, needless to say, it does *not* make me a happy camper to hear that the same regular gasoline in Iraq sets drivers back an average of...five cents. No, that's right, I didn't say five dollars, I said, five CENTS.

This, while regular gas prices remains in the high two dollar figures here in the US, and in some areas now even upwards of three dollars. And of course, across the pond the Brits are also certainly feeling the pinch at approximately $6.24. According to various reports, Iraqis also pay much less for a gallon of regular gasoline than in nearby countries such as Iran (38 cents), Jordan ($1.89) and Syria ($1.74). And, no doubt, to the extent where some Iraquis are now selling their cheaper gas to their Middle Eastern neighbors on the black market. But, er...that would be yet another story, wouldn't it?

Anyway, switching gears on the home front, I'm very proud to share the recent press releases of two of my good friends in the writing life.

Michelle Miles is a thoughtful and talented author at Keep It Coming, an online venue dedicated to serialized fiction. She's clearly a name to remember, as I do believe you'll be hearing her name in the book world in the very near future. She certainly possesses the talent to make it a strong possibility.

Devon Ellington is another Keep It Coming author, the author of a new novella titled, Elusive Prayers -- and a one-woman "writing marvel." She has, and still continues, to churn out NUMEROUS writing projects, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as being a champion for writing as exemplified by her continued efforts in "networking" with others. Trust me, Devon, or the "Devster" as I sometimes call her, will never hesitate in shooting another writer an email to say, "Hey, I just saw that there's a call for this kind of writing at this particular magazine...and I immediately thought about you." And, you can also catch Devon's keen perspectives on the subjects of horse racing (this woman KNOWS her horses!) and hockey at Femmefan, one of my favorite sites for the "female sports junkie."

So congrats to both Michelle and Devon on their accomplishments, and do keep it coming, girlfriends!

Okay, that's it and I'm out. Have a great weekend, all. Peace.


Devon Ellington said...

Thank you for your kind comments! :)

Yeah, I filled up my tank yesterday -- wow!

And to think, Bush just signed a new bill to give major oil companies billions of dollars in breaks, although they said upfront they weren't going to pass any of it onto the customers.

Michelle Miles said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, Georgie. You don't know how that made me feel when I saw it this morning - a big smile here (esp. in light of some horrible comments I received from a contest on my fantasy romance.. urgh..).

Gas prices.. *hurl*