Monday, August 15, 2005

Claire Loses It...and Nails It

Lauren Ambrose

Clearly, after opening every door possible to stretch this series to its broadest potential as stated in an interview by the show's producer, HBO's Six Feet Under will be saying so long next week in a 75-minute finale, after its successful 4-year run. And truly, after this, I'm sure several of its talented cast members will be going on to even greater heights, and one of them has got to be Lauren Ambrose, who played the role of Claire Fisher.

So far, if there ever has been an Emmy award-winning performance for this 2005 television season, I think Ambrose totally captured it last night in her performance as drunk and out of control in the aftermath of her brother Nate's death. Hands down, it was an outstanding display of character "realistics" by this young, red-haired fireball of an actress with no other words to describe it. I'll also give props once again to the stellar writing staff of this show, for the unexpected dream sequence that flirted heavily with the subject of incest between a very pregnant Brenda, played by Rachel Griffiths and her brother, Billy, played excellently by Jeremy Sisto.

For me, after opening these various and numerous "doors" within the past four seasons, Six Feet remains as one of those neatly prepared series packages that have tucked and tied all its loose ends beforehand -- and never once failed to bring to its audience a highly polished presentation. Talk about writers constantly pushing envelopes and taking risks? This show's writers have done it repeatedly in the past four years -- and never ceased to be the clear models for how it should be done.

After this coming Sunday's final episode, you will all be missed.

Well, it's Monday again, gang. And with some heavy-hitting yesterday by "A Rod," Alex Rodriguez, steering the New York Yankees toward a healthy win over the Texas Rangers (final score 10 – 3) this Big Apple week is off to a fairly good start, I'd say. So let's make it a good Monday and an even better week, all. Peace.

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