Friday, July 22, 2005

The Week That Was

Chef Bobby Flay

After a virtual "string" of one hopelessly depressing news story after another in the past five days, this weekend will find me putting it all out of focus and catching a) special lady Suzanne Somers on stage in Blonde In The Thunderbird, and b) following that up with what I already know will be a fantatstic meal at master chef Bobby Flay's new restaurant, Bar American at 52nd St. and Seventh Ave. here in NYC. The latter, of course, being my golden opportunity to order the "shrimp and tomatillo sauce" (nothing to do with tomatoes here -- the tomatillo is said to be of the gooseberry family), after constantly watching Chef Flay work his magic with this ingredient on the Food Network's Iron Chef America and other cooking showcases as well.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this temporary respite, even in the midst of the recently heightened security alerts, etc., that are now in place here in the Apple. And no doubt, with the latter being the inevitable price we gladly pay for living in a society of freedoms.

Have a great weekend, all. Be safe, be well, and most important of all, try to make it fun. Peace.

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