Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Unplanned Is Sometimes... The Most Telling

Kabul, Afghanistan

Once again, this is one of those news items where I let you be the judge by reading it for yourself here

However, I do hope simply the title of this article alone -- will carry a strong enough message so that at least some of the latest suicide-terrorism fad of strapping one's self with explosives will be put to a much more in-depth "thought process" before it's actually carried out within close proximity of the innocent.

At times, when we set out to hurt (or, in these absolute extremes -- maim or kill) others, we do indeed wind up only hurting ourselves in the long run. And without a doubt, I truly think this case is clearly one for the coveted "Not Such A Great Idea" file. In fact, I think it probably ranks way up there around No. 1 for such a file, well across the boards.

Most certainly, at this rate, the injured party could have just as easily pointed a half-stick of dynamite toward his own rather confused posterior -- and been done with it even quicker.

Oh, the sheer irony of it all.

Let's make it a good Wednesday. Peace.

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