Friday, July 01, 2005

Odds + Ratios = Caution

In the wake of the recent shark attacks off the coast of Florida, one killing a beautiful 14-year-old girl, for me, it's very simple and all the statisticians who are now crunching out numbers of the "odds" of getting bit by a shark as opposed to being killed by riding in a car, flying in a plane, shopping for bargains at a 95% Off clearance sale at Bloomingdale's, etc., can't preclude the fact -- that it pays to be careful out there this summer. No doubt, a few decades ago the movie Jaws sent people scurrying "away" from the shorelines for a while, however, real-life case scenarios can certainly be far more effective in prompting an extra dose of safety and caution. So, as the mom of a former "boogie board" surfer who couldn't help cringing whenever my son was out there on the waves, the simple rules of safety at your local beaches should be strongly adhered to, as far as how far out from the coastline you should be, information regarding the current undertows, etc., etc.

Let's all just be careful out there.

Well, another holiday weekend is here, and more grilling is in store at my house. And for the best tips on how it's done, I've found that the grillmaster himself, Bobby Flay, has some great ones in his book, Boy Gets Grill. Trust me, this book is the absolute best for burgers, hands down. So do check this one out if you can. It's worth the investment for tips on some great grill recipes.

And with that, I'll simply say, have a great Fourth Of July weekend! Peace.