Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Getting The Facts Straight Beforehand

Just wanted to make it known through Satin Black today that whoever is the culprit impersonating Ms. Deidre Knight of the The Knight Literary Agency needed only to do a bit of research before embarking upon such a senselessly stupid course of action as sending out spam emails offering her agency's services. Ms. Knight is a well-respected literary agent, who has been around for several years now and has managed to bring the works of MANY authors to publication via traditional advance-paying publishing houses. Her reputation throughout the publishing industry clearly speaks for itself. Therefore, the very last thing Ms. Knight needs to do -- is solicit her potential clients via email. No doubt, like so many other legitimate and hard-working literary agents in the industry, Ms. Knight only needs to open her *daily mail* to a host of potentially good writing projects worthy of representation. That's generally the way it works. Debut novelists seeking publication are the ones who solicit the services of literary agents through "query letters" and not the other way around.

On a happier, more productive note, I'd like to congratulate a good friend, talented writer, and terrific editor, Ms. Jackie Kessler, who has now undertaken the position of associate science fiction and fantasy editor for one of my favorite online literary journals, Wild Child Publishing. A talented fantasy writer in her own right, as well as holding senior editorial positions with other journals for many years, I'm sure she'll be a wonderful addition to this venue, as she certainly joins an already top-notch editorial team. I've worked with these folks regarding a past short story contribution of my own -- and I know from what I speak. So much success in your new gig, Jax! By the way, Jackie is also a funny lady with a great sense of humor, and you can visit her blog here

Hava a good Tuesday, all. Peace.

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