Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Food Show At Javits

I've been invited to stop in at the International Fancy Food and Confection Trade Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center here in New York today, and if it's anything like what was described to me by one of yesterday's attendees it should be quite an experience.

For the more daring food lovers along the lines of "extreme cuisine" (a la one of chef Anthony Bourdain's travels to remote parts of the world seeking the ultimate in tasty morsels) I'm told a trade stall offering everything from "Elk Jerky" to Chinese shark fin soup (that one's not really so extreme -- I've actually tried it before) was a favorite among many of the international foods being offered. But of course, hub has already instructed me to check out the "Dial Up Hot Sauce" that has an actual dialing guage on the bottle where you can set it to the exact heat degree of the burn. And while I'm in that section, I'll also be checking out a brand of the hot stuff called "Scorned Woman Tabasco Sauce" among the many other sauces and condiments being showcased during this 2-day food fair.
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Good Tuesday, all! Peace.

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