Monday, July 18, 2005

Bracing Myself

My mom actually had a nice little chuckle for herself when I phoned her Saturday morning after my dental appointment. Basically, it was a simple case of: "here we go again" many (many) years later, and yours truly has now found herself yet another costly venture to embark upon. According to good, old Dr. Pain (that's not his real name -- just what I choose to call him in pricey situations such as this), I need "braces." There are now several spaces between my teeth that were never there before, but due to a natural shift in my mouth, he feels that braces will bring everything back into alignment. He's also recommending the Invisalign clear dental trays, which are expensive as all get-out, yet a welcomed alternative to the metal ones that I wore at the age of ten (the ones my mom remembers -- which were at her expense)that looked like a steel suspension bridge construction. Anyway, it must be done, and so it will be. Jeez, talk about going into a "second" childhood, eh? Needless to say, this was not the news I was expecting during my routine checkup on Saturday.

Overall, however(and I digress), it was a rather productive weekend, with a bit of down-time left to spare last night. This of course, afforded me some extra time to finally catch last week's episode of Six Feet Under, which is another HBO series that was duly recognized by the Emmys this year, with Frances Conroy being nominated for best actress in a series. In any event, last night I had a really nice laugh at the character Claire, played by Lauren Ambrose, who is now working in a corporate setting of Austin Power wannabes who walk around all day responding to each other's questions with, "Yeah, baby." Even when off-camera, hearing these responses from these workers while talking to each other in the background is quite a hoot. Nice work indeed by the very talented writers of this hit series.

Well, it's off now to continue "licking my dental bill wounds" as I see what the rest of this new week holds in store. And, after Saturday's revelation...who knows? In any case, let's try to make it a good Monday, all. Peace.

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Ann said...

OOooooouch! You have my sympathy!
(Both on the pain and the bill)

Remember that line in the Graduate, "Plastics, young man. Plastics." ? Now it would be, "Oral surgery."