Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What Next?

I'm sure last week's giant Snapple Popsicle incident in Union Square Park managed to temporarily overshadow the recurring protests outside the Union Square Cafe just a few steps away, over the offering of foie gras (more commonly known as "duck livers")on the menu. And, as always, I'll post a related article here and let you be the judge. However, personally speaking, the question of: "What next...chicken livers?" can't help but come to mind. And inevitably, there goes mom's generations-old giblet gravy recipe out the window as well. Quoting one of the sign-carrying protestors outside the Union Square Cafe: "This is the result of French chefs with too much time on their hands."

Or, could it be the result of a few folks on their days off from work with a little too much time on theirs? In either case, I'm sure the feathers will continue to fly over this one.

Hot, humid, and just downright tacky weatherwise here in NYC. Ugh. Nevertheless, I hope it's at least a little more comfortable wherever you might be, and have a good one today! Peace.