Thursday, June 30, 2005

Disney Comes Calling

Talented author and friend, Ally Carter, is on a roll these days with her upcoming adult novel titled, Cheating At Solitaire due to be released in December 2005 by Berkely, and now, with the film rights of her upcoming young adult spy school novel, I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You (does this lady have the absolute coolest titles for her books, or what??) recently being sold to Disney. Read more here

By the way, according to Publishers Weekly, I'd Tell You I Love You was preempted by Disney based on a mere two chapters and an outline. Total way to go, Ally! And I'm looking forward to reading Solitaire as soon as it's out in December.

Every now and then you see someone you remember with only the fondest of memories, and this morning that was the case for me when seeing Mr. Ben "Pippin" Vereen on a morning wake up show here in NY. Ben Vereen was an invited co-host for this morning's show, and along with talking about his current success as a new cast member of the Broadway show, Wicked, he appears to be a man who is SO much at peace with himself these days, after many trials and tribulations that have occured in his life. But Ben's looking wonderful and it was such a pleasure to see him, and remember how I stood to my feet and cheered this super-talented guy at the curtain call when he appeared in the mega-hit show Pippin on Broadway back in the 70s. He later won a Tony award for the role -- and no award was ever *more* deserved than that one was! Great to see you this morning, Ben.

Countdown to yet another "grillin' and chillin'" barbeque weekend for yours truly here. But more about that... later. : )