Friday, June 24, 2005

Carrie Kabak Covers It All

I'm back (albeit a day earlier than expected) from a week of networking, learning, fellowship - and yes, sometimes just plain, old bad-assed FUN! This year's IWWG Skidmore happening was just as successful as always, and would take far too many hours to outline, so I'll simply say that you just "hadda be there." And if not this year, there's always next year, and the next, and the next. Good stuff indeed, sponsored and attended by some truly great people in the writing life!

And on my way home, I was able to pick up my good friend Carrie Kabak's novel, Cover the Butter, which hit the bookstore shelves last Thursday! Clearly, this lady can describe the plight of a harried mom of a teenaged son -- like very few can. God, I was nodding my head in total agreement with the protagonist, Kate Cadogan, before I was barely through the first few pages! Truth told, I haven't been able to put down since I got home. Well done, Carrie. There's no question that you've already hit the ground running with this stunning debut. Total way to go. Before I'm even finished with this one, I'm already looking forward to your second novel!

I'd just like to say one more thing here today, and me being guys probably knew it was inevitable. And of course, I wasn't there, and only those who were know exactly what happened. Be that as it may, I'm simply hoping that what I think could have been behind the incident that happened to America's Oprah Winfrey at the Hermes store in Paris recently -- was not actually the case. Needless to say, however, I'm sure we'll be hearing more about it in the days and weeks ahead and hopefully with some further clarification if there is any. Good gracious, it's the year 2005, and still...

Anyway, let's try and make it a great weekend, all. Peace.