Monday, May 02, 2005

Critiques: Love 'Em...Or Leave 'Em

During a weekend of runaway bride dramas and the clever punch lines delivered by the First Lady at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner (loved the one about her at least being able to pronounce the word "nuclear," and the "desperate housewife" reference), I was able to gets lots of chapter revision work done as well as other work that was pending. By the way, while keeping one eye on C-Span which carried live TV coverage on the highlights of the Association Dinner on Saturday night, it was interesting to see both Constantine Maroulis and Nadia Turner, two former American Idol contestants in attendance on the "red carpet." Needless to say, they both looked great, and as usual, Nadia rocked it out in a beautiful, body-clinging number that only someone with her slinky form could carry off. Looking good as always, Nadia!

And, along with all the things that make a weekend great, there is usual that one thing that serves to pour cold water on it -- which in the case of this particular weekend, was an unfortunate reaction to a brief critique I gave to someone after receiving an email asking for my opinion of an upcoming article this person was trying to sell to a regional news venue. As I've said many times, and still strongly believe, one can only ask a person's opinion if they choose to do so. It is a far more difficult task to tell someone his or her opinion, and/or expect that opinion to always by the one -- you'd most like to hear. And that's all I'll say about that, which is still probably devoting more time to the topic than it's worth.

Have a good one, and make it a good day, all. Peace!