Thursday, April 28, 2005

Poetry In Motion

The poetry reading I attended last night was actually in the private loft of another aspiring poet and New York University professor. It had all the "wine and cheese" amenities of a Soho gallery opening and the pieces that were either read of performed by several youthful inner city artists were nothing short of amazing. With the true aura of the coffee house poetry readings of the beat generation in the 60s, these readings are becoming more and more popular here in NYC, and it's clearly a good thing that they are.

And speaking of NYC, or better still, using the age-old tagline: Only In New York – I'm wondering if someone could tell me how, oh how on earth, could a NY cabbie or anyone else feel they could cause something like 3-car pile-up yesterday afternoon -- and then try to speed away (down 42nd St…yes, I said FORTY-SECOND STREET) in broad daylight??

The mind boggles.

Anyway, make it a good day, all. Peace.