Friday, July 08, 2011

Really Cookin'


Soon, if it smells like fried chicken on your flight, it's most likely not coming from the complimentary in-flight meals they're serving -- but from the plane's jet fuel supply.

In a giant nod to the growing recycled fuel industry, Air France-KLM has announced that it will start flying planes in September using a blend of kerosene and used cooking oil. More than 200 flights between Paris and Amsterdam will be the first to embrace the alternative fuel.

"In November 2009 we demonstrated that it was technically possible to fly on biokerosene," said KLM's managing director Camiel Eurlings. "Now, a year and a half after our first demonstration flight on Camelina, a new phase has been entered around the world, that of certification. Authorization will soon be granted to operate commercial flights on biofuel."

But it's important to note, that the use of used cooking oil in no way compromises the safety of an aircraft. Dynamic Fuels, which produces the renewable diesel, refines the used cooking oil so that it meets precisely the same technical specifications as traditional kerosene. One of the cost-saving benefits to the airline is that its planes require absolutely no modification to adapt to the new fuel.

Now, if they could only bring back some of the real food that used to be included in the price of an air ticket....

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Debra Young said...

As if flying isn't already torturous enough, we can now be ravenously hungry by the time the flight is over. d:)