Friday, September 24, 2010

Healthier Foods For Pudgier Pets

Dog and cat lover that I am, I guess I wasn't surprised to hear that our canine and feline friends are battling the bulge more and more these days, same as we human pet owners have done since time immemorial. And just as human waistlines have ballooned, it seems that so have the physiques of our pets. Some poor dogs have packed on so many pounds they can barely get in and out of the car on family trips. (Jeez…I know that feeling! Er... about the poor dogs, I mean.)

Anyway, a 2009 national survey of veterinarians by the Association for the Prevention of Pet Obesity found that 45 percent of dogs and 58 percent of cats were overweight or obese. Those numbers revealed a 2 percent increase in dog weight problems from the year before, and a 5 percent increase for cats.

So this means that those of us who have stumbled upon the website for Nulo can be forgiven for thinking we'd taken a wrong turn into Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. This particular site, just like all the other popular weight loss sites out there, is brimming with weight-tracking and meal-planning tools, fitness logs and the promise of "tasty, nutritious food" delivered "to your door." The only difference: Nulo is for pets.

Nulo founder and CEO Michael Landa launched the company in August after noticing an uptick in the requests his Los Angeles-based pet-care business was getting for medically qualified staffers.

The reason? Landa's clients' pets were getting fatter, sicker, far more susceptible to diabetes, arthritis – same as their human counterparts.

Interesting stuff. Read more here about the increasing problem of obesity in our furry friends, causing them to ask the very same age-old question: "Hey, do I look fat in this?"

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Lynn Sinclair said...

It's bad enough that we can't seem to trim down our own weight, but to add to our pet's weighty problems is just cruel.