Friday, August 27, 2010

Celebrity Food Endorsements: Pitching a New Low

It's probably true that after you complete a world tour, sell a few million records, or take a few walks on the Red Carpet, the obvious next step would seem to be putting your face on a condiment for burritos, burgers, pancakes, panninis, etc.

That said, here are some of the most: Ridiculous Celebrity Food Endorsements… ever. And I guess once you see products like Hulk Hogan's "Hulkster Cheeseburgers," you really can't think of him -- without picturing a big ol' frozen meat patty first. (There's a pun in there somewhere…I just know there is.)

Or perhaps, Danny DeVito (pictured above) hawking Limoncello liqueur, guaranteeing you'll be plastered and bash George W. Bush every time you make an appearance on ABC's The View. (Loved how Joy Behar outed Danny's partying the night before with George Clooney in that episode!)

In any case (and if you're ready) see some of the best of the worst celebrity food pitches here

And in case you never saw that episode of a slightly "impaired" Danny DeVito on The View, here it is (he even briefly mentions his Limoncello pitch product here):

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Lynn Sinclair said...

I guess the money is too good to resist, but still ...