Friday, August 13, 2010

Big Mac, With A Side Order Of Zocor

A new UK study (although probably one of dumbest ones I've heard to date) would like to offer you a pill, with your next McDonalds' order. It calls for fast food joints to distribute (for free) the cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins, taken by 24 million Americans to prevent heart disease and strokes, to offset the effects of a fatty meal. In other words: Want a little Lipitor to go with that shake?

The researchers, at Imperial College London, concluded that the cardiovascular toll of a daily meal consisting of a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a small milkshake would be neutralized by a statin pill served as a side order. The findings of the clinical trial, which involved 43,000 participants, will be published Sunday in the American Journal of Cardiology. "In terms of your likelihood of having a heart attack, taking a statin can reduce your risk to more or less the same degree as a fast-food meal increases it," a lead researcher told reporters. And providing the pills would cost less than 7 cents per customer, about the same as a packet of ketchup.

But then again, for me, the question would be this: Can they really dispense a drug like this in a fast food joint -- without a doctor's prescription? Because if they can, sounds like very soon British pharmacists will be posting signs in their windows pointing their patrons -- to the nearest Micky D's.

But the seemingly more sensible British Heart Foundation, stresses that the drugs are not a "magic bullet," and recommends exercise and a healthy diet as the best bet for staving off heart problems, in these Reuters reports:

2 Ways to Lower Your Child's Cholesterol Without Statins
How to Know if Your Child Needs a Statin

(And no doubt, the shortest answer would be, don't serve your kids these fast food meals at all, opting for some healthier carrots and greens, replacing that shake with fruit or yogurt, or...)

Anyway, read more here about fast food joints dispensing drugs in order to make that Big Mac you just wolfed down more healthful here

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