Friday, July 16, 2010

Cocktails That Pack A Punch, As Well As The Pounds

Just as many of us cocktail lovers might have already guessed, not all poolside drinks are created equal. From margaritas to pina coladas to screwdrivers, to Long Island Iced Teas, The Daily Beast ranks 21 drinks based on which fit a summer diet—and which stretch our ample backsides a swimsuit.

Summertime tends to produce a spike in drinking—poolside cocktails, backyard barbeques, after-work mixers. And while food tends to make us more calorie conscious, meaning, that you don't need a nutritionist to tell you that you'll most likely be wearing that hot fudge sundae you just scarfed down across your hips and thighs tomorrow—drinks still remain a rather menacing puzzle. After all, it's only a drink, right? Liquid, not solid. Therefore, how many calories could there really a glass.

Well, to see which cocktails are truly low-cal, and which pack on the pounds, check it all out here:

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