Friday, November 20, 2009

Paula's Southern Thanksgiving Turducken

It's that time again, and my favorite "Hey, yawwwl!" drawling, down home girl, Paula Deen (with the aid of her ever supportive hubby, Michael), shows you how to prepare Turducken. So make that all-important trip to the poultry counter at your favorite supermarket for the three main ingredients (that'd be a whole turkey, whole duck, and whole chicken, all gutted and semi-boneless, of course), and watch Paula show you how it's done in this video clip:


Lynn Sinclair said...

Have you ever tried this, Georgie? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

H.G. Dowdell said...

Yes, and it turned out quite well. But Paula's right. You do need an *extra* pair of hands in the kitchen for this one. :-)