Friday, June 05, 2009

Spherical Ice

This month, New York's B Flat Restaurant's drink mixologist, Takaaki Hashimoto, is giving a video demo on Star Chefs where he demonstrates how to carve jewel-shaped and spherical ice, just like the ones on New York Magazine's slideshow of the city’s best cubes. (Yes, folks...there seems to be a definite "art" to sculpting ice cubes, obviously stretching far and beyond those dinky little trays in our refrigerator freezers.)

By using only a few extra-sharp sushi knives and bare hands to shape a frosty slab of ice, Hashimoto makes the round "jewel" cut look especially easy.

Then again, given the sharp blades (and bare fingers) involved here, I really wouldn't suggest trying it -- at home.

But on the other hand, if you really think you've got the ice sculpting "cojones" -- the end result might wind up looking as gorgeous as this:

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Lynn Sinclair said...

It does look nice ... but I'll keep using my square ice cube-making trays. Like you said, sharp blades and cold hands just aren't a good combo.