Friday, March 06, 2009

Ultimate Corned Beef and Cabbage


Well, as you already know it's March, and over at the Epicurious food blog, Ireland's foremost TV chef and cooking authority, Darina Allen, shares her tips for making a favorite St. Patrick's Day recipe.

"Americans still think we live on corned beef and cabbage over here," says Allen, who is an Irish cookbook author, and a teacher.

In fact, the dish that's synonymous with St. Patrick's Day and all things Irish in the U.S. is so rarely eaten in Ireland -- for the holiday or otherwise -- that some people wonder if it's actually Irish. In Irish Country Cooking, Malachi McCormick says he likes corned beef, but then adds: "But our national dish? No, it's a New World dish!" Furthermore, thanks to the many awful versions served in bars in the U.S. (and washed down with plastic cups of green beer) this one-pot meal is often reviled by Irish Americans (and Irish-for-a-Day Americans) or, at the very least, relegated to a sloshy once-a-year tradition.

In any case, read more here.

And, as one who has visited Ireland on several occasions, um...yeah, Malachi's right. So please, spare me on the green beer thing, okay?

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