Friday, March 27, 2009

The "Real" Meat

A recent commercial featuring Padma Lakshmi, shows the shapely, sultry host of Bravo's Top Chef, immersing herself in a Hardee's Western Bacon Thickburger –- of all things.

"After traveling the world and writing two cookbooks, I think I've tasted every flavor imaginable...but there's something about the Western bacon," she moans, before lifting up her skirt over her gaping thighs, and licking the Thickburger sauce from her legs and fingers.

"More than just a piece of meat," a male voice over finally booms.

Really? You think?

In any event...I'd have to agree with all those who say : "Wow, she sure looks like one." And I'm sure that extra splash of ketchup on her finely waxed leg would probably bear that out.

Nevertheless, T & A sells, I guess. No matter how you slice the tomato.

Anyway, have a, I mean...have a look at the video clip:

1 comment:

Colin Galbraith said...

Half of me wants to go "phwoar!" while the other half can't quite believe that it takes a sexy lady to sell a burger of all things.

I think it says more about us as a society than her, or even the burger.