Friday, September 19, 2008

Rachael Ray...Every Freaking Day!

It's kind of a scary thought, even if I have on occasion found Rachael Ray's "perkiness" to be, well, kind of refreshing.

Anyway, despite the otherwise spoofy resemblence, look a little bit closer, as well as how the name "Rachell" is spelled. (Clever, huh?) It seems a new book titled, Every Freaking Day! With Rachell Ray by Elizabeth Hilts, parodies the food lifestyle magazine Every Day With Rachael Ray via some laugh out loud and "biting" hilarity.

This unauthorized spoof, released on Sept. 3, is packed with recipes and commentary from "Rachell" and photos of a "perky" brown-haired model who bears a striking-but-weird resemblance to the real Ray herself.

"She's very easy to parody," says Freaking author Elizabeth Hilts. "She has a lot of very recognizable mannerisms: talking with her hands, singing to the food, referring to food as an almost human entity."

In any case, even if the parody sells well, it's stll very unlikely to match the 7.2 million copies in print of Ray's six (yes, count them, SIX!) cookbooks. The seventh of which, is due out in November 2008.

So there...I guess. Once again, the real Rachael Ray has the very last laugh.


Lara said...

That is HILARIOUS. Do you think there might be any litigation from the Ray Camp over it, though?


Lynn Sinclair said...

Rachel Ray seems to have more hours per day than the rest of us -- she's everywhere, all the time.

Anonymous said...

She's too busy laughing all the way to the bank, Lara. :-)

So I'm sure, she hasn't even considered (or had time to consider) any litigation, most probably.