Friday, March 14, 2008

Easy Mac

Don't let those technically "Frenchie" terms like "roux" and "Béchamel" throw you. The secret to this Macaroni and Cheese casserole lies in the perfection of these two basic starters, along with two other secret ingredients -- dry mustard and cayenne pepper. (Yeah, I know. Mustard and Cayenne. Who knew?) Anyhow, I tried it myself just this very evening, to some rave reviews. A piping hot, deliciously "kicked up" Mac 'n Cheese casserole in a little under 45 minutes. (FYI --the secret also lies in a good ceramic "au gratin" baking dish.)

Watch Tanya Wenman Steel, editor in chief of Epicurious Magazine, demonstrate how to make this better-tasting version of the classic comfort food on NBC's Today Show.

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Lynn Sinclair said...

I love a creamy, cheesy macaroni, but my stomach doesn't. I shall have to enjoy this dish from afar.