Friday, November 09, 2007

It Lifts, It Separates, It's Eco-Friendly

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And really, who says being eco-friendly can't be a little Victoria's Secret sexy at the same time? (Well... in a Japanese rice bowl and miso soup kind of way, anyway.)

In any case, those great innovators who gave us the Shopping Bag Bra and the ever-toasty, microwaveable Warm Biz Bra, have now come up with a new way to save the planet and enhance your "boobage" -- the "Chopstick" bra.

Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan unveiled the My Chopsticks Bra on Wednesday in Tokyo in a bid to promote the use of reusable chopsticks instead of disposable ones.

This eco-friendly concept bra, which comes with a pair of collapsible chopsticks, is equipped with a Japanese dining table theme. The right cup consists of a rice bowl, and the left cup a miso soup bowl. A removable chopstick-rest lies between the cups.

Oh, and get this: Holsters made of cloth and placed on the sides of the cups actually hold the chopsticks -- while pushing the breasts to create cleavage.

What else can one say, but thanks for the er...mammaries.

Which also begs the question: What's next? A "Salad Spinner" in my bikini briefs??

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Lynn Sinclair said...

My breasts are more suited to a bra made to look like tiny dipping bowls. Funny post, Georgie.