Friday, October 26, 2007

World Class Eating

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Noodle-eating competitors get stuffed

Whatever the subject matter to be eaten, you can be sure that Major League Eating covers all the major "wolf downs" from the Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, to Crazy Legs Conti of NYC, who supposedly once ate his way out of a 96-lb. box of popcorn, earning the name the "Evel Knievel of the Alimentary Canal." (Just for the record, Crazy Legs also allegedly polished off 20 lbs. of hominy grits in 10 minutes for another major world title competition.)

And on October 27, 2007, here in NYC (again) they’ll be covering the noodle-eating contest to end all extreme carbohydrate-stuffing contests, as nine competitive eaters battle it out to be named the MLE "Ramen-Eating Champion."

In preparation for this event, New York restaurant, Tokyo Lamen, is cooking up 110 1-lb. bowls of fresh noodles and broth. The contestants will be required to use chopsticks, in keeping with the traditions of Japanese eating contests. And speaking of Japanese traditions, it's all part of a promotion for a new Nintendo Wii game called Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution . Hence, the official title of the contest: 2007 Naruto Wii World Ramen Eating Championship.

If you want to catch this particular gorgefest, it's at 11:30 A.M at the Nintendo Store at 10 Rockefeller Center.

Chopsticks, Noodles, and digestive tracts...oh, my!

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Lynn Sinclair said...

And I thought I was a fast eater!