Friday, September 28, 2007

Sweet Constructions

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Pastry chef, Elizabeth Falkner

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that San Francisco’s Mission district pastry maker extraordinaire, Elizabeth Falkner, has transformed her Citizen Cake Patisserie and Restaurant Bar over the past 10 years into the country's ultimate dessert destination.

And in DEMOLITION DESSERTS, her new cookbook in book stores next week, the James Beard Award nominee uses this otherwise “destructive” title to present her favorite creations, from the cookies, brownies, and cupcakes beloved by Citizen Cake regulars to the plated dessert specials that have made her one of the most talked about dessert makers of this generation.

In this book, Falkner breaks down classic desserts and reconstructs them flavor by flavor, with astounding results. Her most elaborate desserts have been adapted for the average home kitchen, and each recipe outlines a detailed make-ahead timeframe and of course, a shorter version for those pressed for time.

And all that’s mentioned above, clearly makes this another one of my must-have picks for any cookbook shelf. An advance copy of it, now prominently sits on mine as well.
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