Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rachael Ray: Time To Make The Donuts

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I think it’s now pretty clear that, well, hell...her detractors can say whatever it is they want. Still, the perky, young culinary "machine" known as Ms. Rachael Ray, will continue to flip it off, and laugh about it all the way to her nearest bank -- with *mucho dinero* to deposit there, no doubt.

And now, in addition to her ABC syndicated talk show, her omnipresence on the Food Network Channel, her role as a prolific cookbook author and recent gig as pitch woman for Nabisco , Rachael is now also the pitch woman for Dunkin Donuts .

So since I guess we’ve all established by now...that she’s not a chef (Rachael herself has even confirmed this), no one can argue, that she’s a mega, multi media force to be reckoned with. Therefore, simply try (if you can) to "get over it" when it comes to her pet phrases such as Yum-O and E.V.O.O., which seem to drive some folks up the proverbial wall -- although I’ll never really understand why.

She’s just being Rachael Ray, guys. And clearly, I’ve never seen any evidence up till now, that she ever pretended to be anyone else.


Anonymous said...

I agree more with Super Chef's assessment in " Rachael Ray Greases Dunkin' Donuts":

Maybe Rach should consider another endorsement: Alka-Seltzer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I hadn't seen that over at SC. But no doubt, Ray is a veritable "endorsing machine" these days, and like anything else -- hey, it could very well happen.